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Get Sim Owner Name And Sim Information

Get Sim Owner Name And Sim Information


Home Android Communications Chat How To Understand SIM Under Worker Details, How To Know SIM Owner Details For Android.SIM card description name and address How can you tell an Android app to know the SIM card details name and address of the owner information of the SIM owner. How to find the SIM owner’s nameIf you want to know the details of some SIM card owners, then this is a great app for finding the SIM owner’s name and other details.Just enter your SIM card number and get full details in 1 second.

Know the Mobile Number Owner Name The app provides information on knowing the mobile number owner name for all SIM operators’ mobile numbers. If you received a call from an unknown number, you can easily find the caller’s name using this app. This app guides you through the simple process of knowing the SIM owner’s name.

In addition to calling people in our network, other networks and other countries, we can use the phone to connect to the Internet. We can message each other. And we can look at our accounts for how much money we are spending. All this information is stored in our Account Details.Account details include your address, how much you are using to make a call or use the Internet, the number of messages you send and how you plan.This information is not stored on the phone itself, nor is it on the SIM card. It is stored in a network database (a series of connected computers).

So, to sum up: how does a network company know which account is connected to which phone? The sim card tells them! Otherwise the network company will not know who to send the bill to.The SIM card has an identifier, the International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI) that identifies your handset (your phone) over the network. IMSI is that it connects your account to what the network does to your handset.SIM cards have a computer chip that can do some simple math and store some information (what we call data). SMS messages are also stored in the SIM.Also used to ensure that no one can pay attention to your communication between the phone and the network.


All messages between the phone and the network are encrypted (which means they are encrypted).Encryption A secret number is known as a “key” to encrypt and decrypt messages. The key is also used to prove that this specific phone is allowed to use the network. Security keys are stored in the SIM card.

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So the next time you look at a SIM card, remember that this kind of little thing can do a lot of big jobs. Connect SIM cards to handsets. They keep the communication private. They store messages. Although small and easy, they are a huge part of modern mobile phone systems.
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