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AF Tracker 2019 Download – Download Sim Database

AF Tracker 2019 Download – Download Sim Database


SIM to view the phone / phone information

Dual SIM is supported, you can see both the network and the correct information about each card
Additional additions added to the correct contacts can view, edit and delete contacts on your SIM. And save it to the phone
Serial number (one behind your SIM card)
Deveice Software Version
ICC card information
Font type (GSM or CDMA or SIP)
Operator name (code and full name)
SIM card estate (unknown, ABSENT, PIN_REQUIRED, PUK_REQUIRED, network locked, ready)
Phone numbers
Voice number

ror, permanently disabled
9. Error, current but defective
10. Not available due to the restrictions of existing workers

C) SIM country ISO
D) SIM operator
f) Smooth roaming
2) network information
A) operator’s name
B) network type
C) data connection
WiFi, Mobile
Country) ISO
E) operator ISO
f) Cell Identification (CID)
G) Location Area Code (LAC)
3: Phone specifications
a) IMEI number
B) device type
C) Screen size
D.) Ram
E) screen resolution
f) screen density
G) Model
H) board
I) developer
C) hardware
C) CPU Core, CPU-Z
L) device identification information
M) serial
N) boot loader
4) read OS information
A) install OS
B) acidic version
C) Android version
D) CPU type
5) Battery Information
A) Health
B) level
C) Power Source
E) technology
f) voltage
G) temperature
H) Capability
This app cellular network information is useful to monitor the network operator if you travel around the country, to easily identify the network carrier. Cell ID (CIID) and location area code (LAC) will only show that you enable location

service. Device information shows hardware data such as screen size, RAM storage capacity, CPU zip cover and its type. The operating system (OS) information is displayed by the current upgraded Android OS name and installs its version details.

How To Check Check any Number or Cinc Card Details in Pakistan

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